a good day on the internet

Let's talk about a good day on the internet. Let's imagine a day that I go online and I spend time really, really well.

I wake up and I get a text from my friend, or better yet, I wake up and make coffee and my friend calls me and we just talk for like 10, 15 minutes. Maybe even without video, we just talk. And either we share some updates from our lives if haven't spoken for a long time, or maybe just kicking jokes, you know, whatever. So that would be a good thing to happen on the internet.

I open my inbox and I would see a newsletter from a writer I really admire. So I read it and it fills me with something — with curiosity, or inspiration, or knowledge that I missed. Maybe it pointed me to an article that I would read and feel smarter or whatever. Something that would encourage me to think, to research, to maybe write something down. So that would be a good thing to happen on the internet.

A good thing to happen on the internet would be me developing some thoughts that I have into an article and posting it on my blog — and maybe an hour later, or a day later, or a month later, receiving a thoughtful, meaningful response from someone who I don't know, who's a perfect stranger, but has also been thinking about that. That would be a very good thing to happen on the internet.

Another good thing to happen on the internet is when you feel sad and you can go to a place where you can safely (and possibly anonymously) express your feelings and get a response and get a response almost immediately. Because you really need it. You really need it right now.

Sometimes you want an immediate response. Like if you're in a room full of people and you just say, Hey, I, I have a thing to say, and you just say it. And maybe it was 10 people in a room. And they reply with something — maybe with a smile, maybe with a joke, maybe with some more serious response. But you get feedback, you get reaction from people, you get emotional response. That’s a good thing to happen on the internet.

Learning something new, discovering something new, getting a little closer to your understanding how the world works. That's another thing. Also great to happen on the internet.

It's a magical place. It could be a magical place.

I don't want to see any ads. I don't want stuff being sold to me. I want to discover the internet on my own terms, and I want to connect with people who I know and I want to meet new people who could be my friends, my future colleagues, people who share my values, my opinions, my beliefs.

So those are probably some of the good things that are good to happen on the internet.

Published by a curious pseudonym on Oct 8, 2022
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