Terms of service

These terms are effective as of September 19, 2022 and apply for the services of Ken Experiences GmbH. If you use Ken, you agree to these terms. The services can change, and so can these terms.

For readers

On Ken you gain digital access to stories, other people are willing to share with you. You can discover personal stories, and read them for free. You can follow writers to get notified when they publish new work. You can bookmark stories to read them later. And you can message writers directly.

For writers

You can share your stories with the world by writing and publishing them on Ken.

The content you publish on Ken must be your own intellectual property. Ken won't take responsibility for text passages or images used that violate copyrights.

Sign in

Use all features of Ken by signing in here. We need your full name (or pseudonym) and a username.

Delete account

You want to delete your account? We are really sad about that! Please write us a message to hello@letsken.com sent from the email-adress that you are registered at on Ken, so we can verify you. We'd be glad if you let us know why you are leaving, so we can learn from it.


Reading, writing, searching, publishing… use all services at your own risk. Ken does not take responsibility for any damages that could arise from using our service.


The contents of our service are protected by copyright. It is not allowed to publish content, copy edit or sell it. Our service is intended only for personal non-commerical use.


We are very careful with your data and we don't share any of it with 3rd parties. You can find details in the privacy statement.

Everyone is welcome

The whole point of Ken is to allow you to understand somebody else's perspective. Please resist the urge to call out other people for being wrong. Instead, write down your own experience related to that topic and share that. This gives the person the opportunity to understand your point of view, without having to defend their position.

Complaints and legal disputes

Please reach out to us via hello@letsken.com. We'll try to find a solution that all parties are happy with. Disputes that can't be resolved will be handled by the court in Linz, Austria.

Blocking content

We claim the right to remove content, in case we are forced to for legal reasons, such as when a criminal investigation takes place.

Blocking users

If you violate the terms of service, we claim the right to block your account. If we are forced to block you, we will provide our reasoning, along with steps you can take to get your account unblocked.

One more thing

In case you are a lawyer and you see any legal problems in this text, please inform us. We are interested in resolving them with your help.

Questions about the Terms of Service? Contact us.