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Repeat(ing) particles

In our upcoming game Repeat we work with world, that seems to be infinitely looped for the player. This mechanic, as simple as it is, has become increasingly challenging to implement over time. One thing that was tricky are particles. Particles, and some other objects that are not meshes (decals, li…

Why are publishing workflows so hard to fix?

An old friend contacted me the other day. They have a new client project, and their goal is to improve the entire process of publishing reports in a big institution. Knowing that I worked in scientific publishing for many years he asked me: “What is it that typically goes wrong?” If I had to answer …

How much should I charge for software consulting?

Usually people book me to help them with starting a new software project. They’ll tell me roughly what they want, and then they ask me what it’ll cost. But heck, how should I know? How can I predict the exact outcome of a project with very little information at the very beginning of it? Well in the …

What makes good visual design and how do we get more of it?

I had a really enjoyable exchange with Anthony Hobday, diving into visual design. This text is my attempt to distill our 3 hours of talking into a few key takeaways. I loved this conversation because we went meta a couple of times, digging into the philosophy of good visual design. We explored how v…

A Slippery Tale

One day, in August 1991, I got a telephone call from our Project Engineer Vikram Kulkarni. He was in Baroda and had gone to discuss a project with L & T for which our Company had submitted an offer. Kulkarni informed me that the General Manager of L & T, Datar wanted to have final discussions on our…

Kiran Kakatkar in Life on Jan 16
How to implement a web-based rich text editor in 2023?

Since 2011 I’ve been spending a great junk of my time taming web browsers to behave correctly and predictably when editing rich text. If you’ve ever tried to include a custom rich text editor in your web application, you know it’s a rather difficult problem to solve. I’d even predict that you’ll mos…

Michael Aufreiter in Code on Jan 14
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