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Self-contained web apps?

Let’s assume we want to develop a web app called Blog. With Blog people are able to write and publish blog posts in a visual editor. We want to make this app available to everyone, not just software people who know how to use Git, SQL databases, and deploy to a web server. In other words: How can we…

Is it possible to find the root cause of a coping mechanism such as smoking or drinking too much coffee?

A client asked me this yesterday and here's my contemplated answer. Is it possible to find the root cause/fix a coping mechanism such as smoking or drinking too much coffee, by resisting it and feeling into the sensations that arise? Correct me if I am wrong, I believe your hypothesis is that any ad…

This Blew My Mind: Falling In Love

This blew my mind. Jung states that "falling in love", strong, obsessive infatuation, is actually a person projecting their inner anima or animus, whichever they lack connection with, onto another person. They are merely looking for a lost part of themselves, through the person they are falling in l…

Why Self-Sabotage Exists

Perhaps you've realised that self-help books which teach you a better mindset, don't always stick, or sometimes the backlashes are immense. And it can seem like subconsciously, part of you wants to fail, or stay in that sabotaging state. Reality is more positive than that. This mechanism (self sabot…

Repeat(ing) particles

In our upcoming game Repeat we work with world, that seems to be infinitely looped for the player. This mechanic, as simple as it is, has become increasingly challenging to implement over time. One thing that was tricky are particles. Particles, and some other objects that are not meshes (decals, li…

Why are publishing workflows so hard to fix?

An old friend contacted me the other day. They have a new client project, and their goal is to improve the entire process of publishing reports in a big institution. Knowing that I worked in scientific publishing for many years he asked me: “What is it that typically goes wrong?” If I had to answer …

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