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What makes good visual design and how do we get more of it?

I had a really enjoyable exchange with Anthony Hobday, diving into visual design. This text is my attempt to distill our 3 hours of talking into a few key takeaways. I loved this conversation because we went meta a couple of times, digging into the philosophy of good visual design. We explored how v…

A Slippery Tale

One day, in August 1991, I got a telephone call from our Project Engineer Vikram Kulkarni. He was in Baroda and had gone to discuss a project with L & T for which our Company had submitted an offer. Kulkarni informed me that the General Manager of L & T, Datar wanted to have final discussions on our…

Kiran Kakatkar in Life on Jan 16
How to implement a web-based rich text editor in 2023?

Since 2011 I’ve been spending a great junk of my time taming web browsers to behave correctly and predictably when editing rich text. If you’ve ever tried to include a custom rich text editor in your web application, you know it’s a rather difficult problem to solve. I’d even predict that you’ll mos…

Michael Aufreiter in Code on Jan 14
My First Entry: About Writing on Ken

Writing as a form of therapy, I tried it. Therapy sounds a bit serious, though. It’s more a ritual that helps me to bring order into my thoughts. A sort of morning ritual, but one that is different from meditating or doing sports. I read interisting ideas about writing from authors like Julia Camero…

vgvg in Writing on Jan 13
My First Job as a Red Tape Manufacturer

(My father Bhaskar Kakatkar (1918-2000) wrote a few Autobiographical articles. This is one of those It gives a little glimpse of the last years British Raj.  India achieved independence in 1947.) I appeared in January 1942 for the I.C.S. Examination, held in Delhi. ( I.C.S. is the predecessor of the…

Kiran Kakatkar in Life on Dec 24, 2022
A Parsee Anecdote

Youngsters may not know that India used to have two time zones.  One is Indian Standard Time, ahead of GMT by 5 hours 30 minutes. Another was Bombay Time which was 4 hours 31 minute ahead of GMT.  Thus the Bombay Time was full 59 minutes behind the Indian Standard Time. Bombay time was abolished in …

Kiran Kakatkar in Friendship on Dec 22, 2022
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