Ken treats your data confidential and complies to the European data protection law (GDPR). Please also refer to our terms of service.

Which data is stored?

To use all features of Ken you need to create a user account. For each account we store email, username and the full name (or pseudonym). Optionally you can upload a profile image and add a short biography.

Ken stores experiences that you created or published, including text and images.

Will data be shared?

Ken does not share any data with 3rd parties, except for individuals who are volunteering to review submissions.

Cookie policy

We don't use any 3rd party cookies. Browsing on Ken is completely anonymous. We use a login cookie, so you don't have to login again after closing your browser.

What happens if I send a message to a writer?

You can message writers directly from the site. The message will be sent via email. Ken does not store any messages, which means only the recepient can find them in their inbox. We include your email adress in the message, so the writer can respond to you.

Still have questions regarding privacy? Contact us.