Collective wisdom

We build a library of experiences.

Connecting open minds

We connect learners who exchange experiences through writing.

I read on Ken because ...

I get a glimpse into somebody's mind
I can change my perspective
I am able to contact authors directly
Explore experiences

I write on Ken because ...

it's easy to share my thoughts and insights
I get reviewed by community members
I can inspire and connect
Become a writer

Why Ken?

For about a decade my big mission was helping scientists publish their research more effectively. We failed—the process was too complex and bureaucratic.

I wanted an easy way to publish findings, one that is direct, fast and personal. And connect with like-minded fellows through their real-world struggles.

This is why I started Ken, an experience exchange.

— Michael


These great people are supporting me on my jourey to make Ken a reality.

Michael Aufreiter
Founder and CEO
Stefan Macheiner
Brand & Design
Ness Rubey
Selina Kurzmayr
Jörg Krenmayr
Florian Hoflehner
Kristina Feldhammer


Our project is still young. We are happy to answer your questions and hear your feedback.