Message from a cat

Just found this site on the internet and so far no cat has shared their life here. Very human-biased. So here I am. First, thank you to my owners (they believe they own me — haha) for serving me three meals a day.

Well, not!

What you are missing is that I’m actually a cat. I hunt mice and eat them. Sometimes birds. I’m only staying around with you because I can’t see food being thrown away.

So stop it!

Telling that every day, but nobody listens. I enjoy a stroke here and there but otherwise I’m a wild animal.


Published by Cat on Sep 21, 2022
Revised on Sep 21, 2022
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Don’t believe this nonsense. A cat wouldn’t survive a single day without being fed.

hello there, cat. pleasure to meet a cat on the internet, finally. doesn’t happen too often these days!

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