Panic attacks cured by shadow work?!

Ask your psychologist what to do about panic attacks or night terrors - you’ll get no further than the advice to “minimize stress” and perhaps medication. This client tells a story of another solution - a permanent one - we found together.

From struggling with panic attacks and night terrors all his life - waking up screaming, feeling like there’s someone in the room, and not being able to properly sleep for days - to sleeping through the night with ease, and panic attacks being a thing of the past.

This amazing story is a prime example of what can happen when one takes shadow work - and especially deep feeling work - seriously and commits themselves to the process.

How can this incredible result be true?

Here’s how it works: night terrors and panic attacks are caused by repressed emotional pain. This repressed emotional pain rises up at times when your repression system is weak: when we experience a lot of stress in life, but also when we sleep the repression system is weakened, and this pain can rise up.

Depending on the content of the repressed material, it could sabotage us in different ways: it can cause nightmares, night terrors, anxiety attacks, but also it could usurp our judgment and make us act against our best interest, which is called self sabotage.

The solution is simple, but requires dedicated effort and courage: to drain this store of repressed emotional pain by making it conscious. That involves lots of feeling and expressing, and becoming more sensitive to one’s inner experience in the process. One might call this shadow work, deep feeling work, primal work, regression… it’s all slight variations on the same process.

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You’ll get a practical course on how to do what this guy did - the exact steps - plus you’ll get to practice inner work in a fun and interactive way with other people.

Here’s the interview:

Published by Erik Jongbloed on Sep 16, 2023
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