Erik Jongbloed

Former programmer with ADHD, felt lost and without hope of achieving my full potential. Here because I love helping people and sharing the insights I get.

What you do today is who you are

How to get out of your head, and master emotional communication

"You're so in your head!" Are you tired of hearing that? Are you tired of people not responding well to you when you talk? I struggled a lot in the past to capture and hold people's attention, or even to know what to say in the first place. Here's what helped me connect better with people.

published on March 24, 2022

What is ADHD? My unconventional hypothesis

Is ADHD a disorder or a gift? Why do nutrition changes work for some, but not for others? Can ADHD be healed? To what extent? All these questions and more, I share my thoughts on, using my own anecdotal observations and knowledge.

published on March 10, 2022