This Blew My Mind: Falling In Love

This blew my mind.

Jung states that "falling in love", strong, obsessive infatuation, is actually a person projecting their inner anima or animus, whichever they lack connection with, onto another person.

They are merely looking for a lost part of themselves, through the person they are falling in love with.

Think of the "you complete me", "finding your other half" memes in our culture.

Childhood trauma causes parts of the brain to be disconnected from the rest, as a self-protection mechanism. The part that is connected to the feelings, memories, talents and gifts of a particular age, is isolated by gates in the brain.

Meaning that it will not be connected to conscious awareness, unless it goes into a 'mode' where it takes over. Thus, in normal every day non-triggered life, it is like this part is missing. In fact, feeling empty and like something's missing are very common human afflictions.

It's not that they can't come into consciousness, it's that they're disconnected from the rest, and will only express themselves when isolated through an exercise, or when life triggers them to act out.

Now what happens when this split is roughly across the left-brain right-brain side, is that someone develops into an unbalanced person, with either lots of masculine right-brain properties, like affinity for math, technology, logic and control, but the feminine left-brain properties are nowhere to be found: like the person is not creative, artistic, intuitive, or emotionally intelligent at all.

Or vice versa.

Think of the many software engineers who seem to lack emotional or social intelligence, or artistic types who believe they can't do any math.

This is skewed development. Their brain is not talking to itself at all levels that it could be.

People go through life with a vague sense of not utilizing their full potential... and it's true.

Published by Erik Jongbloed on Mar 28, 2023
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