Marketing Ken?

“Where people leave an expression, not an impression.”

That is how I want users to think of Ken. It leaves me with a challenge: I am not searching for many but the right people to join Ken in its early days.

Who are the right people?

People who want to share their minds with no agenda. I can only speak for myself, but it’s hard to resist the urge to show off my skills and convince people of my opinion. It’s hard to resist commenting on the news. It’s hard to write about my very own struggles instead of pointing out some injustice in the world. It’s hard to express what I really care about without promoting a preference, a product, or an ideology. It’s hard to write down what is really on my mind — unfiltered. But so much worth it!

What’s my plan?

I want to create an alternative to corporate social media. An alternative rewarding honest expression and exchange rather than clicks and likes. I imagine it as a space where nobody wants to grab my attention and sell me something. Instead, I can ponder other people’s unique perspectives. Unlike almost any other site on the web, on Ken, you will be completely anonymous as a reader. You will not see a cookie banner for that reason. When you sign up, you are encouraged to write under a pseudonym. After all, it is not about you but the ideas and questions stuck in your mind wanting a release.

Where to start?

To get the ball rolling, I need to find people excited to share personal stories — short or long — of their life and their passion. For the coming weeks, I’m going to explore the internet, search for interesting characters, who are creating stuff with a passion, and share this text with them.

With some of them this will resonate. And I can’t wait to learn about their journeys when sharing their first experiences.

Published by Michael Aufreiter on Sep 11, 2022
Revised on Sep 28, 2022
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