Michael Aufreiter

I design products for the web. And share my ken—insight gained from experience—along the way.

If freedom is an illusion, what remains?

A thought experiment, assuming that I don't have free will.

published on April 13, 2022

Infrastructure (not only) as code?

To deploy an app, I can use a cloud provider’s UI or do it all in code (e.g. using CloudFormation). Can't I have both?

published on February 3, 2022

Should I take a vaccine?

In search of a rational way to decide whether I should take a vaccine or not.

published on January 30, 2022

How to save my startup?

I invested 18 months of hard work and more than 50,000 € of cash. The business model didn't work. What now?

published on January 23, 2022

Write without sounding bossy?

Making my point and not "being right".

published on January 23, 2022

Online Plattform entwickeln?

10 Wege, die nicht zum Ziel führen. Und ein Ausweg.

published on November 5, 2021