Daniel Jenikovský

Game/Web developer. I like reinventing stuff. Mainly when it’s benefitial to the project at hand.
Joined on Mar 7, 2023
Programing how to’s 1

Disclaimer: I am in no position to teach you how to write code. I never had any formal education so take this with a grain of salt. In an late night coding journey, I asked myself what would I say to my younger self to help him program. The one thing that kept coming back is pretty simple: Write the…

Daniel Jenikovský in Code on Apr 28, 2023
Repeat(ing) particles

In our upcoming game Repeat we work with world, that seems to be infinitely looped for the player. This mechanic, as simple as it is, has become increasingly challenging to implement over time. One thing that was tricky are particles. Particles, and some other objects that are not meshes (decals, li…

Daniel Jenikovský in Code on Mar 14, 2023