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Repeat(ing) particles

In our upcoming game Repeat we work with world, that seems to be infinitely looped for the player. This mechanic, as simple as it is, has become increasingly challenging to implement over time. One thing that was tricky are particles. Particles, and some other objects that are not meshes (decals, li…

How to implement a web-based rich text editor in 2023?

Since 2011 I’ve been spending a great junk of my time taming web browsers to behave correctly and predictably when editing rich text. If you’ve ever tried to include a custom rich text editor in your web application, you know it’s a rather difficult problem to solve. I’d even predict that you’ll mos…

Michael Aufreiter in Code on Jan 14
Infrastructure (not only) as code?

I’m more the visual type of guy. When it comes to deploying my app to the cloud, I prefer to “see” what’s happening. I want to change a setting, hit a button and see the changes be applied in seconds. But I know there are other types of engineers (one is sitting across from me in my office), who’d n…

Michael Aufreiter in Code on Feb 3, 2022
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