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Self-contained web apps?

Let’s assume we want to develop a web app called Blog. With Blog people are able to write and publish blog posts in a visual editor. We want to make this app available to everyone, not just software people who know how to use Git, SQL databases, and deploy to a web server. In other words: How can we…

Michael Aufreiter in Technology on Jun 23, 2023
Why are publishing workflows so hard to fix?

An old friend contacted me the other day. They have a new client project, and their goal is to improve the entire process of publishing reports in a big institution. Knowing that I worked in scientific publishing for many years he asked me: “What is it that typically goes wrong?” If I had to answer …

Michael Aufreiter in Technology on Mar 7, 2023
How much should I charge for software consulting?

Usually people book me to help them with starting a new software project. They’ll tell me roughly what they want, and then they ask me what it’ll cost. But heck, how should I know? How can I predict the exact outcome of a project with very little information at the very beginning of it? Well in the …

Michael Aufreiter in Technology on Feb 20, 2023
Less is more in software?

To me, minimalism in software development is not just a desirable design goal but a survival strategy. I’ve seen too many projects fail, many I’ve been involved in myself, due to an explosion of features and a complex technical foundation that stands on shaky ground but was just too tempting to star…

Michael Aufreiter in Technology on Nov 7, 2022
Online Plattform entwickeln?

Du hast eine vielversprechende Idee für ein Online-Business und möchtest schnell heraus finden, ob sie auch in der Praxis etwas taugt? Ich kann dir dabei helfen. Ich bin Michael, 37. Seit ich 15 bin entwickle ich Webseiten. Genauer gesagt komplette Online-Plattformen mit Datenbank und allem was sons…

Michael Aufreiter in Technology on Nov 5, 2021
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