Hi Kiran! What an memorable story. Sad and funny at the same time. I’m uncertain if this wouldn’t fit well in the Philosophy category too titled something like “Would you laugh at your own funeral?” What do you think?

How did you feel at that funeral?

Noticed an extra leading whitespace in “ The story is of the early Sixties when…” and different dashes in “Dungerwadi  - the Tower of Silence – where”. Just to let you know in case those were not on purpose. :)

The title suggestion is excellent. The gentleman had died at a ripe old age after having a good life. The gathering was relaxed. It was inappropriate to laugh but then it was difficult to suppress a smile.

Am I permitted to repeat the story in Philosophy category with amended title?

I’ll gladly list it there. Just send in the submission. Love your writing style!

Oh and in case you have an idea for a suitable teaser image, please upload one. :)

Thanks. Please list it there with the title suggested by you. I do not have an image suitable for the story. I am wondering how personal stories can be categorised. Perhaps you could consider creating a category like “real life experiences” or “real life stories”.

Yeah that’s indeed not so easy to decide in many cases. Ken’s refined mission is to help “figure out how the world works”, for yourself, and together with others (if a like-minded person discovers your story). So I try to do the categorization based on what questions could arise, making it easy to reflect and start a conversation.

However, I’m not very strict with it, and the decision is always up to the author, which category they want to pick, if any.

Interesting idea. I created a topic “Life: Stories that don’t really fit a category“. You can use it, but you have to make the changes yourself hit “Publish” again and select your category of choice. It’s by design that I can’t make any changes on behalf of the author, I can just accept submissions so they are listed in the chosen topics and on the frontpage of the site.

Hope this helps, please ask me if you have any more questions. Things are still early here, so I’m glad for any feedback.

Accepted this to be listed in “Friendship”, but you can always make changes, and publish to a different list. Thank you for sharing this! :)