Why do you write?
My First Entry: About Writing on Ken

Writing as a form of therapy, I tried it. Therapy sounds a bit serious, though. It’s more a ritual that helps me to bring order into my thoughts. A sort of morning ritual, but one that is different from meditating or doing sports. I read interisting ideas about writing from authors like Julia Camero…

vgvg in Writing on Jan 13, 2023
Who am I writing for?

There’s always something on my mind. A question about life, an idea or a decision that is due. Lots of thoughts come with it. They are blurry, and they often confuse me. Writing things down, like I do right now, helps me seeing what’s beyond the clouds in my head. It forces me to articulate my thoug…

Michael Aufreiter in Writing on Jul 26, 2022
Write without sounding bossy?

All online articles are opinions. Whether they are aware of it or not, authors present their view of a subject. Yet often they are trying to sell it as a truth, unconsciously. I’m guilty of having done that myself, many times. But who am I to claim a universal truth from my observations? And no, cit…

Michael Aufreiter in Writing on Jan 23, 2022
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